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A wideband open slot antenna with dual band circular polarization

a wideband open slot antenna with dual band circular polarization

The simulated vswr characteristic reveals stop band.78 GHz (5.10-5.88 GHz) for vswr 2 within the frequency span from.1GHz.6 GHz.
From the surface current distribution, it has been observed that the hexagonal slot produces resonance at lower frequency.54,.11,., November 2006.Therefore it may be considered as a UWB antenna.In particular, researchers and industry people pay much attention in CPW fed antennas because of their many attractive features such as, simple structure of a single metallic layer, low radiation loss and easy integration with integrated circuits 7-9.The measured and simulated isolation results of the proposed structure for 1 GHz 5 GHz band.Subsequently, input power is transferred to the feed elements via bow-tie transitions, which feed the patch antennas for the radiation.18 The measured magnitude of S 21 and group delay of Fig.19 The measured phase of S 21 for the proposed the proposed antenna systems antenna systems.Tapan Mandal 1, Santanu Das come uscire dal gioco delle slot machine 2 1, department of Information Technology, Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Serampore, Hooghly, India 2 Department of Electronics Tele-Comm.The relevant dimensions and positions of the final structure are given in Figure 2(a) and (b which are schematic top and side views of the single element of the system, respectively.At lower frequencies H-plane radiation patterns are omnidirectional, whereas in E-plane, it is figure of eight because of small ground plane on the same side of stub At higher frequencies, radiation patterns are changing with small variation.Thereby the size of the antenna is increased.
However, the structure does not give satisfactory performance especially for the impedance matching.
1 Progress In Electromagnetics Research, pier 1, 189 2, 2010 A dual-polarized wide-band patch antenna FOR indoor mobile communication applica- tions.
G.,., Antenna diversity in mobile communications, ieee Trans.
Here, in order to demonstrate the effect of the absorber slab, the isolation performance result without absorber slab is also given in Figure 5 (dashed curve) that the absorber slab improves the isolation minimum 5 db within the designed band.
This is mainly because a continuous coupling is obtained between hexagonal patch and ground plane at different positions, and hence matching is achieved for different frequencies.
The gain values of the proposed antenna with and without absorber throughout the frequency bandwidth.
Measured group delay has small variation within the operating band except notch band and hence the proposed antenna may be suitable for UWB applications.Zhang, "Multi-band CPW-fed triangle-shaped monopole antenna for wireless applications Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.The measured and simulated S 11 parameters of the proposed structure for 1 GHz 5 GHz band.8 Xian Ling Liang, Tayeb.Su, "Bandwidth enhancement of a printed wide-slot antenna with a rotated slot.A compact hexagonal wide slot antenna with microstrip fed monopole for UWB application has been described 4 but its structure is complex with double metallic layer.The simulated and measured vswr responses of proposed antenna ( Fig.This feed element also radiates vertical component, which is important in disturbing the radiation pattern if s is selected too small.References 1 First Report and Order, Revision of Part 15 of the commissions Rule Regarding Ultra-wideband Transmission system FCC 02-48, Federal Communications Commission, 2002.The hexagonal aperture ( Rs ) is important for the lower frequency.

18, it is observed that the magnitude of S21 is relatively flat (variation less than 10 dB) from 3 GHz to 9 GHz.
The port characteristics (return loss, isolation) and 11 Progress In Electromagnetics Research, pier 1, radiation characteristics (pattern, gain) are tested.
Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.